The Little Things

A small drop of water
And a small ray of sun
Together make rainbows
When rainstorms are done.

A cupful of grass seed
And the products of cows
Together make lawns
On all sides of the house.

A breeze from the northwest,
And waves from the bay
Make a wonderful backdrop
For all kinds of play

For, in summer, Maine’s better
When little things blend
Into one magic somewhere
Where joys never end.


About jatwood4

I am a child of the universes. On the off chance that an alien is reading this, please, let's talk!
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3 Responses to The Little Things

  1. jatwood4 says:

    Reblogged this on The Sun Drips Honey and commented:
    This is a reblog from September 23, 2012. It seemed appropriate today. Simple, but true. I hope you enjoy

  2. It IS the little things, but not so little.

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