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Limerick: true story

I once knew a girl, (she was me,) Who was subject to frequent ennui. She didn’t have drive, couldn’t tell she’s alive, She existed in strong apathy. Until one day she was set loose, She came out of that weird … Continue reading

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Morning routine

I’m up at six; the window’s dark, And damn, the house is really cold. I skip the shower, stay in those Red flannel jammies, soft and old. I sink into this luxury And curl up warm, right back in bed … Continue reading

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Tonight, I write by candlelight, Which sweetly blocks the darkest night. Now through the flicker, burning bright, I feel my spirit flow. At last, though time’s so quickly passed, I feel the living, breathing blast, Of soul.  Awakening at last, … Continue reading

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The mist clears

Thirty-eight long years, three/fourths of my life, Diabetes held me tight, heartlessly. My confidence sliced up like bread with knife, Pushed down by what I chose not to believe; My mood depressed, my soul craving a break, And stormy feelings … Continue reading

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Senryu for The Waiting

The ambulance comes. We wait outside and wonder, “Who is it today?” (Link here to learn the difference between haiku and senryu.)

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Sonnet for a Night in the Woods

The skies are clear, but air is thick with fog, My arms have goosebumps, and my hair is damp. I leave the trail, perch on a mossy log To rub my aching legs, start back to camp. I catch a … Continue reading

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Wherein I see the dermatology nurse/practitioner

I’m afraid that I’m already cursed, Seeing the dermatology nurse; I’m not sure what to say When I see her, Monday, So I think I had better rehearse. If I plan each definitive word, And control the way that it … Continue reading

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