Reprint: The Perfect Summer Day in Maine

This is what I meant to reblog:

The Perfect Summer Day in Maine

I look at sunrise, all ablaze
And then begin to smile.
Today will be one of those days
That make the snow worthwhile.

Clip Art

The birds are very confident
Their notes so sweetly curled
Around my head. I’m fortunate
To live here on this world.

Hot August day, but with the breeze,
I’m comfortable outdoors;
Find magic there, among the trees;
Inhale it through my pores.

A hot, sunny summer day

White cloud shapes form, then scatter free,
A cool and cott’ny sight;
Bright, brilliant, buttery sun, like brie,
I’d love to sneak a bite..

When twilight looms on such a day
And stars replace the sun,
I store, for now, hot summer’s craze.
Oh, I’m a lucky one.


About jatwood4

I am a child of the universes. On the off chance that an alien is reading this, please, let's talk!
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