Swimming in Maine, (by a woman who prefers….the Caribbean Sea)

One more reblog about summer in Maine

The Sun Drips Honey

(N.B.) This poem is loosely based on a boat ride I took with my sister S. and her husband, B.  I say loosely, but I mean very loosely, because the only fact is that the water was so cold that after we jumped in, neither S. nor I stayed in long enough to wet the tops of our feet.  Thanks, S. and B.)

Swimming in Maine
(by a woman who prefers to swim in the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas)

I sailed in a boat on the ocean.
To go swimming, I soon got the notion.
When I jumped in to swim,
In cold water so grim,
I yelled and made quite a commotion.

I climbed out, severely aghast,
And the boards were as slippery as glass.
I slipped, hit the deck;
‘Tween the cold and sore neck,
I determined this swim was my last.

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