Sonnet to Mourn the Demise of our Legislative Branch

Remember elections when we believed
Whomever we chose went to Washington
Aware we expected them to be brave
To talk to each other when work needs done
Each to respect others’ elected voice
Believe those feel as clearly as they did
The duty placed on them by voters’ choice
And insults, names, and jeers were fair forbid
What disgust we discover in our hearts
To see what our Legislators become
So few agree to play lawmakers’ parts
So many act like spoiled children — dumb
They must be to think we don’t realize
To think that they are grown-ups in our eyes


About jatwood4

I am a child of the universes. On the off chance that an alien is reading this, please, let's talk!
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2 Responses to Sonnet to Mourn the Demise of our Legislative Branch

  1. I don’t think you are alone in feeling this way, Judith. Political aspirations now supercede the will of the people. Can’t say anymore without getting on my own soapbox. 😉

  2. jatwood4 says:

    Reblogged this on Diabetic Redemption and commented:

    I generally limit my poetry to my dedicated poetry blog, hrrp:// But this goes everywhere.

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