From My Living Room Window

From My Living Room Window 

From my living room window

From my living room window

This morning I saw drifts of snow
As white as linen, all unsullied
Except by creatures’ gentle footprints.
Such carpet no human tread has bullied.

Outside my window stands a tree
Red Maple, summer red and ruddy.
Now, once-verdant branches, bearing
Wintry white, so spare and stubby.

And still the sky releases beauty,
Chill and distant, flake by flake;
No wind to whip in gusty flurry.
The silent snow its journey makes.

‘Tis lovely; cold and starkly standing
Trees and wires and plump grey pigeons,
All waiting silently ’til someone
Ends the peaceful, frosty religion.

Every day, this view is changing.
The tree, as always, fills my window.
Today, an ecstasy of frosting
Holds my world in snowy limbo.

But then, a winter wind chaotic
Takes from branches, wintry covering.
Someone shuffles down the driveway
Their footprints, mud beneath uncovering

So the world from out my window
Reverts to its normal status,
But I remember and will always
This fleeting moment’s snowy gladness.


About jatwood4

I am a child of the universes. On the off chance that an alien is reading this, please, let's talk!
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